We are back with a vengeance!

After going dormant for a couple of months, we are happy to announce that we are back in action. Operational details and issues to our training business, as well as our RAM promotional efforts with various law enforcement and military units, had kept us from uploading updates to our website.

But now we are back, locked and loaded and with new videos, pics and products to fire off to all of you out there.

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Tips on designing a simulation training scenario

Creating an effective force-on-force training scenario, one must always remember to make the conditions as close as possible to the real life setting it hopes to replicate. Every component, from the gear that the team wears, to the weapons and even the structures, must similar to what they use or encounter every day.

That is the reason why the structured arrangement of a firing range, even if it is formated for live-fire CQB drills, is not effective as a force-on-force setting. The main reason – there is no cover for the opposing force aka bad guys to hide behind, no blind corners wherein the assault team can be surprised.

As such, the instructor or player must keep in mind the following tips so as to transform the experience into the most effective simulation experience – one wherein the stresses of an actual live fire encounter is seen and felt in every way.

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Video Page now ready to be accessed.

At long last, the much awaited ATACS video page is up and running. Having conquered the programming challenges of wordpress in order to make the layout much better, we will now be uploading our collection of video footages that showcases real operators using the Real Action Marker in training simulation and force-on-force scenarios.

We hope this new feature will allow everyone to see more of what the Real Action Marker can do with regards to upgrading the training regimen of personnel in law enforcement, military, VIP protection and high-risk security.

Our videos are hosted by Youtube, for easier access. So just click on the Video tab in our navigation bar to see what clips we have in store for you.

Pictures page is a Go!

After wrestling with the code limitations of the blogsite program, we are now happy to announce the first set of images for our Real Action Markers in action. The images are vidcaps from our past demos and training operations with various law enforcement, military and security force units.

We hope that the images will allow you, our loyal reader, to glean valuable tactical knowledge from true operators. Soon we will be uploading images from other units, including Marine Force Recon, CoastGuard Anti-Terror Unit, Air Force SPAU, and Makati SWAT.

We will also upload images from our Close-in-Protection skills evaluation course; our Nautical Counter-Terror Training course; and the Tactical Real Action Marker – Combat Simulation Tournament for a major security agency.

For those who are awaiting our video page, we will be opening it on Sunday. So click back to our website then.


ATACS breaches 10,000 hits!!!

target-1_web.jpgAt long last, ATACS has hit the bulls-eye and finally broken through the 10,000 hit ceiling. This means that a growing number of people out there – professional law enforcement, military, security and civilians who engage in milsim as a hobby – have started to recognize the potential applications of the Real Action Marker in simulation training and wargames.

This achievement could not have been possible without your continued patronage of our blogsite. Not only have we created a platform that will help create more awareness on the RAM, we also generated a valuable source of practical tactical info on the web.

But we still have more to offer. Our long overdue pictures and video page, which I know a lot of you are waiting to see, will be launched within the month of February. It would have been sooner but certain limitations on wordpress applications have forced us to experiment and be a bit more creative. Rest assured that captured footage of our training sessions, as well as our games will be featured in full for you enjoy soon.

Finally, we request all of you who continue to visit us to make yourselves heard. You can post comments and suggestions or even email us directly if you have questions, information, reactions and even suggestions on how to make our site better. You can even subscribe to us so that you will be alerted every time we update our pages.

Once again, thank you very much for your help. We hope that you will stick within us in the months and years to come.


Countering an assassin!

assasinview.jpg The recent courtroom killing in Manila, wherein a lone gunman ended the life of ex-mayor Rey Yap of Sapang Dalaga, Misamis Occidental, proves just what a determined assassin can do.

A friend also asked me recently what he can do to protect himself against a similar fate, since he has been receiving death threats on his phone. This prompted me to interview several policeman friends and instructors on the best way to protect one’s self against such threats.

Although the above-mentioned title might evoke images and scenes from past action movies, a threat on your life is not something to laugh about. And while an attack might occur at any place and anytime, one can still employ simple yet effective tacticsto increase survivability just in case the assault occurs. Continue reading

Always Check Six

04_2_9_02a.jpg When conducting building clearing operations, the survival of the tactical team depends heavily on maintaining security on all fronts. While the number one and number two man conducts the frontal assault, the safety of the rest of the team rests heavily on the skills and alertness of the team member tasked with rear security. Because of the orientation of the rest of the team, the rear security man is the only protection from tangos who have secretly circled around behind the team.

In such cases, the rear security man has to balance two roles: keeping up with the team so that he is not left behind and covering the areas directly behind the team.

Even in operations wherein an overwatch team is present, the rear security still has to remain vigilant and maintain his alert level in order to prevent a rear-side ambush by hidden tangos. Continue reading